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This observation explains the low hardness and high ductility of single crystals of copper.At the macroscopic scale, introduction of extended defects to the crystal lattice, such as grain boundaries, hinders flow of the material under applied stress, thereby increasing its hardness.It was then electrolytically refined and the anode mud exploited for the platinum and gold it contained.

Unlike metals with incomplete d-shells, metallic bonds in copper are lacking a covalent character and are relatively weak.Copper is essential to all living organisms as a trace dietary mineral because it is a key constituent of the respiratory enzyme complex cytochrome c oxidase.In molluscs and crustaceans, copper is a constituent of the blood pigment hemocyanin, replaced by the iron-complexed hemoglobin in fish and other vertebrates.Pure copper is orange-red and acquires a reddish tarnish when exposed to air.The characteristic color of copper results from the electronic transitions between the filled 3d and half-empty 4s atomic shells – the energy difference between these shells corresponds to orange light.

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