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Therefore, the successful production of a 200-component functioning organism requires, rare—not more than one out of a thousand mutations are beneficial, at the very most.

Lest anyone think that a 200-part system is unreasonably complex, it should be noted that even a one-celled plant or animal may have millions of molecular "parts." The evolutionist might react by saying that even though any one such mutating organism might not be successful, surely some around the world would be, especially in the 10 billion years (or 10) mutating systems and that each mutation requires one-half second (actually it would take far more time than this).The developing organism, at each successive stage, must itself be integrated and functioning in its environment in order to survive until the next stage.Each successive stage, of course, becomes statistically less likely than the preceding one, since it is far easier for a complex system to break down than to build itself up.For example, consider a very simple putative organism composed of only 200 integrated and functioning parts, and the problem of deriving that organism by this type of process.The system presumably must have started with only one part and then gradually built itself up over many generations into its 200-part organization.

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