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Maybe go back to a flip phone for a while if it helps.i urge any one looking for a quality cellphone at a sane price to look into the axon 7here are its attributes :1) 400 usd or less, a full 600 dollars less than other phones with far fewer features 2) loud clear speakers much better that either phone above3) better headphones out of tyhe box than either above 4) quality DSP equal or better to any above5) respect for consumer choice in retention of headphone jack6) sd support allowing up to 400 gb removable storage 7) incredibly bright hi-res screen equal or much better to above8) lovely lines design and superb build 9) battery equal or better to above, great safety record10) sensible 5.5-inch screen ...the perfect compromise of size and usability you`re welcomeput the 600 dollars toward a lens, or a camera ,or some nice dinners out with your sweetie ,or to pay for many months of cellular service"i Phone X's wide gamut OLED is the most color accurate device on the market"..according to Displaymate.Inconsistent icon design of different shapes and sizes /eyeroll Telephone icon is a handle from 70s wired phone. /goosebumps I have only demonstrated 10% of my hate of Android OS.Android phones have a notification led that flashes to tell you of missed Comms.(email, text,phone, Whats App etc) My note8 also has an indicator number on each icon.While I appreciate Samsung's craftsmanship Android is a dealbreaker for me, future-proofing app support of which is terrible, can't show missed message or email count.(you have to tap launch check each app individually to see if you missed communication, lol, or start scrolling the pane , another lol.) Java emulation-please take that trash out in the garbage.LIVE wall papers,expandable micro SD slot,( A MUST FOR 4K VIDEO /photo with UNLIMITED sd storage), better and larger AMOLED screen with higher PPI , EXchangeable battery with backup on accessory battery,standard headphone jack, OTG on the go system (external hard drive , SSD ,card readers mouse , slave battery charger to other systems,real key board and peripherals ) , IP68 dust and waterproofness ,stylus input in ANY form/ languages are SUPERIOR than the so called Iphone X are the deal breakers for me ......try though from apple but 4 years outdated .....wireless charging, Oled SCREEN..... Does the article refer to "macro" or closeup photo capabilities?

I'd recommend some time away from your distractions/habits so you can discover what you truly want out of life.

My i Phone7 sits nicely in my shirt pocket—I sometimes use the built-in “flash” light when working on my bike in a dim garage. My wife would hate having to use a super-sized phone but since the 7 has never been too big, the slightly smaller X ought to be great for me. Likewise, putting up with a slow, limited device that is helpful to me for navigation, quick social media updates and a whole lot of other useful & fun things, is incomprehensible to me.

~ a month for a speedy, ultra-capable & fun gizmo is a pittance, even if it's one of my bigger spending categories.

Starting from i Phone 6s taking photos with low light is better for photos if you take out the flash and HDR.

Price, well if you spend 999€ on a phone might as well spent all ... Hope my i Phone 7Plus last for long :)Heads Up To Editor: I just confirmed with David Pogue (ex.

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