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Mo Stych is a Traverse City native currently living in Chicago.When she’s not dreaming about summer days on Lake Michigan, Mo stays busy writing, creating, exploring the world with her husband, and talking to her plants.In most cases, your most recent role will be the longest description (3-5 sentences).Make sure you highlight how your current responsibilities translate into the job description of the new role you’re trying to land.By reworking old job descriptions and narrowing my content to only the skills that were most important for the current application, I could bolster my skill set to speak to each new job description.

It’s especially important to watch out for keywords that define the job and the skills that are needed because the ATS may not know to look for a match in the abbreviated form.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s hard to remember everything you do in your current role because you’re too busy doing it.

Often times your role exceeds what was originally on our job description because you’ve gained responsibilities and proven yourself capable of taking on other tasks.

Even if it doesn’t seem like there’s something on your résumé that’s equivalent to “5-10 years of experience,” think of what you do within a broad scope.

It’s not each, but you can probably find a way to show you’ve got the necessary knowledge to succeed in the new role. Why bother to rewriting a job description for a job I had years ago: it worked then, so why change it?

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