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great gameplay concept and execution; most original platform game probably tbc..."Elite" I think, closely followed by "Carrier Command". Elite: I liked the idea of the virtually unlimited universe and the open ended approach to gameplay. Heh it's odd how some music tracks now reminds me of those times, makes me want to go back in time.Carrier Command: Strategy / simulation meets highly impressive ( at the time..) shootin'n' fightin' action. I have to go with Zelda: Ocarina of Time :) It was the first one I played in the series, and after that, I played them all :) Except #2 : P.There was no episodic break in the action to load a new misson/world.What is your favorite game of all time and why (try to pick just one)?Fantastic end battle - I had to leave the room when Ganon revealed his true form - I was too excited to hold the controlleri think the game i put the most hours into is Counter-Strike.... of course, the biggest game we could get on the lan was like 4v4, but it was still fun.i had been playing HL DM on the high school lan, and then when i learned about counter-strike.... i haven't played CS in a while, but now that CS: Source is out i've been playing that non stop.If neither fish sauce nor soy sauce is available just use salt and it will taste delicious too.Play around with the herbs to develop your favorite ratio or add jalapeno for spice.

Mario 64 First game I ever played where I would lean over in real life to try and look around a corner in the game. Beneath a steel sky - Great atmosphere and great story. ALL the main characters had their own realy well done story that no matter what one you followed you where always interested and never board with the story sceans.

Looks like this hasn't been done since June, and there are a lot of new games just out, so in this thread we talk about our favorite games of all time - and just as importantly, why they're our favorite games.

As I have not played Half-Life 2 yet, my favorite game of all time is still Half-Life.

It is versatile and pairs well with roasted chicken, grilled beef and steamed fish. Cook’s Notes: To develop the key flavor in this sauce it is important to sear the herbs with the hot oil.

It also helps tone down the sharpness of the ginger. “Tsuyu” is a Japanese seasoning soy sauce and often used diluted to form a soup base for udon, soba or soy noodles.

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