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The program offers four different benefits: an injury benefit for physical and psychological injuries received as a direct result of the crime; a death benefit, which reimburses funeral expenses; a psychological injury benefit for victims who witness the death of a loved one as a result of a violent crime; and a monthly supplemental benefit for victims where a crime resulted in a brain injury rendering them totally dependent on others for their daily care or for those who became quadriplegic as a result of a crime.

The program does not pay for a victim’s costs or losses related to a crime (i.e.

personal property loss, damages, lost wages or medical costs) except for funeral expenses.

The program is administered under the Victims of Crime Act and Regulation.

CCASA provides safe, accessible, professional services, for people of all races, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, or genders through providing seven core services: crisis intervention, counseling, education, outreach, police & court support, a volunteer program and leadership in the coordination of services related to sexual abuse and sexual assault.

CCASA strives to enhance the health and well being of all people and our broader community through responsible and effective programs in sexual abuse education, research and advocacy, crisis intervention and counseling.

They are all, without exception, extremely poor, and many of them are marginalized because of their ethnicity and their poverty.

Provide direct services and support to victims of crime and tragedy at the time of crisis, during the investigation, during the criminal justice proceedings and after court disposition.

This assists the individuals in agencies and organizations to learn about the nature of conflict, new skills and how to deal with conflict in a healthier manner.

The Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program acknowledges eligible victims of violent crime in Alberta with a monetary benefit.

Alberta Conflict Transformation Society (ACTS) offers a community intervention model of justice that transforms conflict to cooperation through the process of community conferencing and other consultative processes.

Education, training, mentoring and direct delivery of service will be used to gain the support of major organizations and institutions from our communities.

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Our organization exists because sexual violence is a crime that is prevalent in our society and impacts a significant number of people.

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