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How much truth is in these assumptions among young adults today? Among the 36 percent of participants who had had casual sex during the previous two years (defined as sex with people “you were not really dating or going out with”), the top two reasons, among both genders, were related to sexual pleasure and satisfaction: “Because I was horny” and “I thought it would be fun.” Men were slightly more likely than women to cite the "fun" response, but these were the only two reasons above the mid-point of the scale for both sexes.Furthermore, both sexes were equally driven by drinking/drugs or feeling "too young to be tied down." And believe it or not, both sexes were equally—although fairly weakly—driven by desire for a relationship or love.Intoxication and hopes for greater emotional or romantic attachment are also fairly prevalent—but, again, equally so in both sexes.Of course, one could argue that this is just what people are telling themselves (and researchers) and that, deep down inside, greater gender differences exist, but that's a whole other discussion.Before you feel too sorry for yourself, realize that many women would complain it's hard work to find a man who can hold a good conversation, is considerate and gives them their full emotional attention.So your complain is really only that what matters most to you is hard to do.There is a widespread belief that men want to have sex for fun, whereas women want to have sex for love.The logical extension is that women don’t really want casual sex, and if they do engage in it, they’re probably doing it in hopes it will be more than just casual sex.

The correct title of this post should be "Do College Students Hook Up for Different Reasons?

Society has not reach the level of maturity and intelligence to establish mechanisms to sanction such groups, actually they are encourage to continue. TV, magazines, newspapers and specially a group that loves to measure the other gender. Because sex is hard to get and getting is not usually fun.

For average men getting casual sex requires hard work, lot of disappointments and in the end, they usually end up with lower level partner.

Specially when they exploit fear and massive hysteria.

They do not promote societal integration, they love the division and have great pleasure about it.

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