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The LSM9DS0 measures each of these movement properties in three dimensions.

One half of the device takes care of all-things gyroscope, and the other half manages both the accelerometer and magnetometer.Then we’ll switch over to example code, and show you how to interface with the board using an Arduino and our SFE_LSM9DS0 Arduino library.The tutorial is split into the following pages: A logic level shifter is required for any 5V-operating Arduino (UNO, Red Board, Leonardo, etc).Read more here Top Fear – Amazon has released a new ad starring former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson teasing its forthcoming delivery system that promises to drop off your order in 30 minutes or less.Read more here Acquired taste – A Pepsi-branded Android phone is looking for crowdfunding from the Chinese market, although, they don’t seem to want it.

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If you use a 3.3V-based ‘duino – like the Arduino Pro 3.3V or 3.3V Pro Mini – there is no need for level shifting.

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