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It is supposed to be embarrassing to get with a heavier woman because men are so focused on bodies, or at least they are supposed to be.But its somewhat more acceptable to hook up with heavy woman while drunk, which is why sadly a lot of overweight girls (including myself) have random hook ups that never call, and don't get asked out often.I have never tried to analyse why, I always notice bigger girls more than thin girls and I find them very very sexy. His cousin, also white, likes a girl with a BIG butt. The extra 10-15 lbs we women think we need to lose, most guys don't care about.Sunday, January 07, 2007, PM I think that if a man can look past the physical things and when he falls for her he will be just as attracted to her as he would a skinnier woman. I wanna lose 15, the bf likes me just the way I am.Having said that, don't take that to mean that men are shallow pigs.

I think everyone has their specific likes and dislikes; it's not wrong or right..just is. What about the song about a big butt woman1 everyone has differnt taste.i think attraction is about more than one's size-personality, manners, style, hair cut/makeup etc really make a difference 200 lbs, i definitely had dates, and got hit on, and i got a TON of attention at 170 lbs-in fact that's how much i weighed when i met my current boyfriend (almost 3 years ago) and he still thinks i'm hot at 140 lbs!At first i questioned his intentions because i recently lost 50 lbs.He never said anything to me before, only now did he finally decide to take a step forward.

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