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After all, the events of Moses’ (AS) time happened almost 3000 years before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born.

The language and culture of ancient Egypt were lost and unknown by the time Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came on the scene.

We all know that iron is one of the strongest metals on the planet.

But despite its strength, iron rusts when exposed to water.

There’s a good reason I decided to write this post talking about miracles of the Quran.

There’s a war going on and the minds of Muslims is the battlefield and our hearts are the spoils. How does he benefit by trying to fool Muslims into atheism?

Christians try to convince to become Muslim for the same reason (they He is not trying to increase his understanding, or learn more. And my concern is that there may be some weak-minded Muslims who will fall for his ruse. Therefore, in order to strengthen the faith of any Muslim who wanders on to this website, I’ve compiled a short but very powerful list of Quranic miracles.

After a few years, the copper exterior turned green and blended in with the natural color of the earth, making it nearly impossible to find nowadays.

I don’t know about you, but I find it amazing that the building of such a perfectly powerful structure was described in the Quran.

In the Bible, it’s all about letting the the Children of Israel out of slavery.

It is miraculous that the Quran tells us this specific bit of information about the Egyptian faith that could not have been known at that time.

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