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Well, I was waiting in a rainy car park to go walkies with Will and Oscar.

To be fair it was the picture of Will’s dog – an appealing white fluffball with expressive brown eyes – that really drew me in, rather than his own photo (tall, darkhaired and posh-looking in a Hugh Grant way).

Matilda strained on her lead and immediately made a play for Oscar, doing the obligatory yapping and doggy bottom-sniffing.“Well, they seem to have hit it off,” I said, probably a bit too loudly and a couple of octaves too high.And yet there I was, a perfectly sensible 41-year-old single mother, standing in the rain in Richmond Park, south-west London, scouring the horizon for Will* and his dog Oscar. Tindog – a new dating app aimed at singleton dog-lovers.It works in a similar way to famous “swiping” dating app Tinder – you scroll through pictures of dogs and their owners until you see one you like.He didn’t ask me about my work and I couldn’t help but suspect he’d looked me up online and already knew what I did.I tried to make a light-hearted comment about not usually dressing so badly when I went on dates. ” I continued, hoping this might open up the conversation. We continued along the footpath in silence for a few minutes as I desperately tried to think what to say next. But I think you need a spark between the humans too.” He didn’t look at me as he said the last bit and we walked back to our cars in silence before thanking each other for the walk and heading home.

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