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The men in Central Unit are housed in three different tiers, which is what they call a unit of cells. As a group, they seem larger than average men, lean from eating prison food, and many have that loping walk of athletes, rather than the exaggerated rooster strut — arms swinging way farther than normal behind the back with each step — of the men in general population.

They are stacked in two runs, or levels, of about 20 cells that open onto a common area where prisoners can chat or play board games when they are not locked in their cells. Out on the recreation grounds, a dirt expanse the size of a football field, prisoners play basketball, pushing and taunting with trash talk. As the death-row denizens head back to their tier, and the general population streams out to the field, Kevin Curran, the prison warden, remarks that he feels safer among the death-row men than among the career criminals and gangsters in the general population.

In May 1984, he was paroled from the kidnapping sentence.

Gottfried noted that there was little conflict among the prisoners.

At that meeting, Assistant Federal Public Defender Jennifer Garcia added that Corrections staff had been “very, very nice” in accommodating the new face-to-face meetings between prisoners and their lawyers. Prisoners must first meet behavior standards, and some who remain in Browning are hard-core gangsters or seriously mentally ill, or new arrivals who have not qualified for extra freedoms.

The victims were 39-year-old Leta Kagen, her son, 15-year-old Robert Delahunt, and 50-year-old Roland Wear.

Michael Apelt and his brother, Rudi, both from Germany, were convicted in the 1990 murder of Michael's wife, Cynthia Monkman, in the desert near Apache Junction one day after Michael took out a 0,000 policy on her life.

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