Dating a classmate

College is an exciting place for many students, for so many reasons.

For some, like me, it is a place to live independently and make my own decision everyday.

That's what the Resident Adviser is for in their dorms or their counselors.

:) Denia In high school, I had a very controlling boyfriend who didn't trust me, for no-good reason, and hated when I wanted to do things with my girls or just alone.

Do what you like and not getting tied down or up with a boyfriend or girlfriend might not work for many students, but like you wrote in your blog many students can handle the dating scene.

Having some "me" time while going to college is a great way to remember why you're living on campus to begin with but continuing to get yourself in drama will not benefit you.

After high school, we of course grew up and realized how immature we were for letting all the misunderstandings destroy our friendship.

All is good now, and although we don’t regret anything, we often look back and think we could have avoided all the drama.

This helped me tremendously because I got to avoid the drama and focus on what’s most important (my studies).

Anyway, after months of nothing, I initiated a conversation and found out that he was a great guy.

I was new to the whole dating thing and didn't really feel comfortable with the idea back then. He agreed, and all was good, except in his mind; he basically assumed we were dating.

He never spoke to me or did anything to indicate his feelings, except for staring at me during class (my friends told me).

It was a little creepy, but very adorable at the same time.

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