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She said: ‘Obviously I hadn’t dated for years and I was horrified when I kept getting naked photos from weirdos.

So when Ashley contacted me and seemed really chatty I was simply relieved to have met a man who seemed normal.’Ashley, who lived 128 miles away in Bournemouth, said on his profile he was ‘unhappily married.’The couple exchanged emails.

Now suddenly he rang and coldly said, “I don’t want to see you anymore.” I was crying on the phone.

I couldn’t understand what had gone wrong.’ Researchers estimate 60 per cent of men are unfaithful compared to 40 per cent of women.

‘The worst part was telling the children Ashley wasn’t the person we all thought he was. It was such a low point.’She adds: ‘People might say I knew what I was getting into when I went on an affairs website.

IT consultant Ashley, 50, said he earned £25,000 a month but the reality was he was bankrupt.

But he was a good listener and it was lovely to have someone to talk to.

I confided in him about how my ex and I had grown apart while he told me how he and his wife lived like brother and sister.‘They no longer made love and were simply together out of habit.’Over the next ten months Ashley regularly drove to see Marie.‘He would lavish me with gifts – he often arrived with a beautiful piece of jewellery, some chocolates or wine.

And while he told Marie he’d fallen in love with her and had left his wife of 30 years, the truth was he was very much married.

The couple met on a 'no strings' website after separated Marie - nervous about embarking on a new relationship - decided it would be 'wrong' to sign up to a site full of people looking for long-term love.

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