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One of the benefits of Select, then, is that a slightly smaller pool might actually mean more people would end up meeting, resulting in a higher success rate and more active engagement.

“People might actually become a bit more thoughtful.

According to the team behind its development, however, the interface is constantly evolving and a new update is expected in upcoming weeks.

Operating as a sort of startup within a startup, the Select team is given their fair share of freedom to experiment with entering the exclusive dating app realm.

Only a few months ago, news of Tinder’s invite-only feature, Select, hit the radio waves.

Since then, the operation has been hiding in plain sight, popping up with underground events around four corners of the globe: a speakeasy in Austin during SXSW, a chateau in the South of France for Cannes Film Festival, a takeover of the newly opened The Curtain in London, and most recently, two weekends at a seaside mid-century modern mansion in Montauk.

The new initiative will therefore also have to reconcile with the psychology that plays into the physical experience of the application.

Select is by no means reinventing the wheel here — others like Raya, The League, and The Inner Circle have had similar goals of creating an exclusive space to tap a user base that wouldn’t typically be caught on online dating.

“There’s so much strategy that goes into the events. We go to these events one way or another, so we (Select) want to provide the right landscape for people to attend these events,” says Josh Metz, director of marketing at Tinder.

“People neglect the fact that Tinder connects people. Based on their six month track record, the Select team is capable of putting on a good party, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the success of the app itself, nor does it even mean the party attendees are using Select.

Select’s goal is to make Tinder work for people it wasn’t working for before, while still maintaining their original user base.

Though, as Shirky identifies, building those layers actually diverges from the common tendency toward low-cost expansion.

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