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And that makes the value proposition of the Xbox One S tricky.

Let's say you have a 4K TV or plan on buying one in the relatively near future. What if you don't plan on upgrading your TV anytime soon and don't see the appeal of collecting even more "perfect-er" Blu-rays?

It's a 40 percent smaller and 100 percent whiter version of the Xbox One that launched nearly three years ago, albeit with a few key differences.

First is the built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and compatibility with high-dynamic-range video for increased contrast and a wider color gamut. Thanks to new software, more compact hardware and an excellent pack-in controller, the Xbox One S feels like a worthy successor to the older Xbox 360.

Thanks to all of this, putting the console in a backpack or messenger bag to use away from home is actually feasible -- especially given the drop in weight, from 7.8 to 6.4 pounds.

Just go to the "Search Games" option where you would manually type in the game name, and instead type in the word "optional" (or really just type OPT and it auto-finishes it for you).That sounds impressive enough on paper, but the difference is even more striking in person when you place the two consoles side by side.Every time I glance at them sitting next to each other, I'm in disbelief that Microsoft managed to cram the same hardware a power supply into a dramatically smaller package.After spending a weekend testing the system in each of the above situations, the answer is clear.Though they share a similar name, you're not likely to confuse the Xbox One with the One S.

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